Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pink is the new it color

All the hipsters knew pink was the "it" color. Now large corporations are using hot pink. I was blown away when I saw a WAMU ad using pink. For those living under a rock, WAMU is Washington Mutual, a major bank in the United States.

First I saw The Crazy Robertson use pink in their clothes. I think they almost started the pink craze.

This is The Crazy Robertson original design.
The Crazy Robertson Original Design
This is the latest Skating Shadows design.
The Crazy Robertson Skating Shadows
Notice the heavy use of pink.

Those rebels even changed the color of their website to pink for 2 weeks leading up to Valentine's Day.

The Crazy Robertson goes Pink

I later saw a similar pink used by Murakami. Here is the infamous billboard graffiti masterpiece by Auger and Revok on Melrose. Picture is courtesy of the LA Weekly's Murakami Revoked.

Murakami Billboard

Finally, here is the Washington Mutual Yahoo! ad that I was talking about.
WAMU ad in pink

Last but not least, I use pink to highlight the Titles of the GraffHead blog.


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