Monday, March 10, 2008

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

I always wanted to get next to the Hollywood Sign ever since I saw Seen in the book Spraycan Artpaint on it.
Spraycan Art - Seen Hollywood Sign
After some research and a few different tries, we were lucky to find a trail that leads to the Hollywood Sign. It is a fairly strenuous hike, but it is all worth it at the end. It was amazing to stand next to the sign that I have been looking at thousands of times from afar.

The sign is still far, but we are getting closer to it.
Hollywood Sign Getting Closer
Restricted Entry - When you get close to the Hollywood Sign, you are greeted by this sign.

Hollywood Sign Restricted Entry
If you are brave and must see the Hollywood Sign. You have to get behind the gate.

Hollywood Sign Behind the Gate
Under the H

Under the H of the Hollywood Sign
Behind the Sign

Behind the Hollywood Sign
Close Up of the H

Close Up the H of the Hollywood Sign
So nice, H O L

H O L of the Hollywood Sign


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