Thursday, April 3, 2008

SK8 One Memorial Plaque at Wattles Garden Park

We went hiking in the lesser known Wattles Garden Park. The park is really close to the very popular Runyon Canyon dog park in Hollywood.

Wattles Garden Park Entrance

We actually hiked all the way to the top of the mountain which connected to Runyon Canyon.
Wattles Garden Park Next to Plaque

During the hike we found a memorial to the late SK8 one.
SK8 One Memorial Plaque

I do remember being in the park once about 15 years ago and seeing a SK8 and Blosom tag on one of the trash cans.
SK8 Memorial Plaque Character Detail

SK8 Memorial Plaque Detail

A little further in the park there was a CBS piece done by Axis and Anger.CBS Piece From Far

CBS Piece At Wattles Garden Park

CBS Piece At Wattles Garden Park


Anonymous said...

Awesome documentation.

Anonymous said...

I am honored and touched that someone cared
to take the time to create this message,
and show that there are still those out there
who remember and still feel my sons powerful
and loving presence long after his tragic and
untimely demise.
All my Love and Peaceful regards
to all those who loved Aaron aka SK8
and where blessed and lucky
enough to have crossed paths with him.
Easily liked, my son,liked to call
himself (in all of his nassive 6'5 stature,
as a "mellow fellow".
With eyes like a hawk and a face like
Val Kilmar with white hair, his humility
and lack of ego was his most endearing trait.
He will be sorely missed,
Thankyou all,
Aarons Dad & Sister,
David & Sarah

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