Friday, May 23, 2008

Buket on Los Angeles NBC News

Update (5/28/2008): According to the LA Times, Buket has been arrested.

Buket TKO was shown on NBC news on May 21. The news story shows a clip from the upcoming WAR 4 Graffiti video. It's funny that you can see the WAR 42 logo on the news clip. The video shows Buket climbing an overpass on the 101 freeway during broad daylight. You can also him spray painting on a bus during the day as well.

The reporter also goes to the Los Angeles River and shows some of the spots that Buket got up. You can also see a cop flipping through the graffiti book: Los Angeles Graffiti where Buket has a few featured pictures.

The story suggests that Buket will be turning himself in. I highly doubt that. Buket will not turn himself in. All this news story did was give Buket ultimate fame.

Here is the video that NBC got the footage from.

And the video that shows Buket spray painting on the bus:


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GraffHead said...

Looking forward to the DVD. WAR 1, 2 and 3 were awesome!

Kelvin Oliver said...

He must be very brave to climb on the overpass and spray paint his artwork upside the steel. I wonder what made him just walk up to the bus and do a bit of graffiti on it. I don't know whether the news coverage is either bad or good.

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