Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Crap Batman Our Billboards are Getting Destroyed

The Dark Night Batman movie hits theaters tomorrow, July 18. The batman billboards which have been up for weeks, have been hit by Los Angeles graffiti writers all over the city. Here is a sample of billboards by LA's heavy hitters. Thanks to G@BR!3L for all pictures. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Be sure to check out the short movie documenting Augor and Revok painting the billboard.
Batman Billboard

Batman Billboard

Batman Billboard
KWS - Switching BWS B with a K

Batman Billboard
Epyon and Esreh

Batman Billboard
Augor and Revok MSK

Augor x Revok x The Dark Knight

Still pictures from Keegan Gibbs' movie above
Batman Billboard

Batman Billboard


Anonymous said...

the homie acur from kdubz did that one

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