Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back in the Day - Mear Conart

I took this picture 17 years ago in 1991. This was and is my favorite piece. It was done by Mear CBS for the original graffiti clothing company Conart. It was on a side street off from Melrose Blvd in Los Angeles.
Mear CBS Conart

Mear CBS for Conart


Gabriel - T$F said...

Thats some history right there! Check that twisted mailbox on the left- SICK!

whatever happened to ConArt??

GraffHead said...

I heard Conart is making a comeback. Some stores are starting to carry it again.

I remember having one of the original designs designed by Hex. I also had one designed by Mear that had a green logo on the front with a skateboarding guy on the back.

Conart was the original graffiti gear designed by the greatest Los Angeles graffiti artists.

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