Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MTA Crew

As long as I can remember, the MTA crew has been putting in massive amount of work. I remember back in the day seeing SK8 MTA tags on the bus. I have not seen it personally, but I heard that MTA has the largest letters on the Los Angeles River. Even larger than the Saber piece.
Sufer MTA
Sufer MTA

Siez MTA
Siez MTA Dreks (This is at the Plant Nursery Lot)

MTA Truck
MTA Truck

MTAliens Video starring Toro, Sufer and Hilo from MTA


Gabriel - T$F said...

Yeah that MTA piece on the L.A. River isn;t far from Olympic and Santa Fe downtown.

It TRUMPS the size of the Sabre piece, strange no one ever talks about it...

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Anonymous said...

ma niggahs from MTA lmfaoooo niggas are some funny asss nigahhssss wassup KOER!

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