Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cap Test - Universal German Outline

Graffiti has evolved. There is paint specifically made for graffiti artists. In addition to paint, there are many spray cap options for today's graffiti artists. With so many options, it is difficult to know what caps to use. Also, not every cap works with every type of paint. Each week, will showcase one cap.

This week's cap is the German Universal Outline cap.
German Universal Outline Cap

Thanks to James from Oink Art for the video:

The German Universal Outline cap is named "universal" because it works on most paints. It works on Belton Molotow, Montana Hardcore, Montana Blackline, Ironlak and America's Finest. The video states that it works on all Rustoleum brands. However, I have had some trouble using it on some Painter's Touch cans.

Also, it does not work on some cheap store brands like the Osh brand. When you put the cap on, the paint just shoots out from the nozzle.
German Universal Outline Cap

German Universal Outline Cap


Anonymous said...

you gotta know how to properly put the caps on the cans.theres a lot of pressure sensitivty involved

Anonymous said...

that osh paint is pretty good paint for $2.....
better than that $1 quick color.....

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