Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Futura in Los Angeles - Strategic Synchronicity

"I consider this collection my best work yet, when I started on it I could feel myself about to explode. All these years of development and it reflects my growth and evolution. I want this considered on it's merits ... and in that sense, I'm going right back to the beginning". - Futura

Public Opening: Friday, September 19 - Sunday, Sep 21
Time: 11:00 AM - 6.00 PM
Location: 610 South Main Street Los Angeles CA 90014 directions

Trailer for the Futura Strategic Synchronicity Show in Los Angeles

From the Strategic Synchronicity press release:

Internationally acclaimed graffiti artist & true pioneer of the American Art Movement, Futura presents his first ever LA solo show, "Strategic Synchronicity".
Futura in Los Angeles

Fans and art-lovers can expect to see Futura's past experience merge with his vision of the future, combining his tendency towards meticulous precision with his trademark free-flowing spraycan techniques. The collection is an entire new body of work that Futura has been working on and perfecting for several years, you will see incredible advancements of his form in a genuinely evolving organic form - a work in progress.

Futura in Los Angeles
Futura's collection of art will be available to purchase with prices starting from $1,500 and upwards.

Futura in Los Angeles

All images are courtesy of Crunk.


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