Friday, September 19, 2008

Microsoft Likes Graffiti

Today I received an email from Microsoft promoting its new campaign "I'm a PC." It's a direct reply to Apple's Mac an PC commercials where the PC is depicted to be an idiot. I watched the "I'm a PC" commercial and about halfway through I noticed Los Angeles graffiti artist Man One COI declaring that he is a PC and he "..challenges the law."

I watched the Microsoft commercial a few more times just to make sure that my eyes are not playing tricks on me. Man One .appears about 20 seconds in the video and if you don't blink you can see him paint a wall. Microsoft may be using a graffiti artist to make itself look hip. Everyone associates Apple as being hip. It is amazing that Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world, uses graffiti in its commercials. Hats off to Microsoft!

All of the content is prepared on PC. So I guess is a PC.

Man One COI - "I challenge the Law"

Man One COI - "This is my office "


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