Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Risk - Los Angeles Graffiti Veteran

Longevity is rare in graffiti. Most graffiti artists go strong for a few years but than they usually stop. Risk has been doing graffiti for 20 plus years and in my opinion is one of the most talented.

I first saw Risk's work on the pages of Can Control magazine. I later saw some in Santa Monica on the Cinergi Pictures building which is still up since 1991. His work was also featured at a graffiti show that was put on by Frame. As I traveled through LA in the 90s I saw more of his work on Melrose and other spots in the city.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing some of his work at 33Third in Los Angeles.

Risk 1989
Risk 1989 - I think this was at the Motor Yards

Risk on the cover of Can Control
Risk on the cover of Can Control issue #2. This was my favorite cover. I loved the step by step visual to a finished piece.

Risk at the Ironlak event
Risk WCA MSK 2008 at an Ironlak sponsored event at 33Third in LA

Risk at Cope2 DVD release
Risk WCA MSK 2008 at Cope2 DVD release event at 33Third in LA


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this is the bobm

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Dope ishh Cuhz

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