Friday, September 5, 2008

Spray Paint Caps

Back in the day all I used was New York fat caps and Testors caps. Testors caps were thin caps that you can get off of Testor brand model paints. Today, writers have many cap options from caps making ultra fat lines to super skinny lines.

I recently ordered some caps from James at Oink Art. I never ordered anything from him but the selection was great and the prices were even better. I placed the order Wednesday night and I could not believe it, I got the order by Saturday morning. That is an amazing turnaround from Texas to California.
My Caps - Blue Dot, Universal German Outline, German Outline #2, N.Y. Skinny, Sabotaz Ultra Skinny, Sabotaz Skinny

I just checked the Oink Art site and Ironlak cans are on sale for $2.95. Even with shipping that is an amazing price. Speaking of Ironlak, there will be an Ironlak sponsored event in Los Angeles on September 14. I will post more information on this.


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