Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cap Test - German Outline #1

We continue our cap test with the German Outline #1. This cap is a thin cap that produces a crisp thin line. The cap works great for outlines as well as doing details.
German Outline #1

German Outline #1
The German Outline #1 cap is the number one selling spray paint cap.

Thanks to James from Oink Art for the video using the Blue Dot cap. (Check out Oink's Halloween combo special that includes 6 Ironlak cans, 1 Junobo Zeembala orange Mini-Mop and 10 large Ninja painting gloves for $19.95.)

The German Outline #1 cap works on the following spray paint brands: Krylon, Montana Hardcore and Rustoleum. The German Outline #1 is one of the only thin caps that works on Rustoleum cans. This cap does not work on Belton Molotow and Ironlak. It locks up on both cans.


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