Thursday, October 16, 2008

Graffiti on the Backs of Billboards

There are thousands of billboards in Los Angeles. Billboards are highly visible and therefore are a highly sought after by graffiti artists. The downside of painting on billboards is that they get changed so often and making the work of the graffiti artist very shortly lived.

The solution is to paint on the back of billboards. The backs of many billboards are still very noticeable and are rarely cleaned.
Graffiti Billboard - Augs (Augor) Sage
Augs (Augor), Sage on Melrose. This billboard is especially difficult to paint since it is on top of a Winchell's donut shop that is popular with the cops.

Graffiti Billboard - RT
RT in Santa Monica

Graffiti Billboard - Shatr OMG Downtown Los Angeles
Shatr OMG on the 110 North Freeway. This is right next to the Staples and Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. One of the most visible billboard in LA.

Graffiti Billboard - Shatr OMG, Iller EAHR Downtown Los Angeles
Same Billboard as above with new work. EAHR by Iller.

Graffiti Billboard - BK1, Kast TKO FP in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles
BK1, Kast TKO FP in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles


Had Lee said...

One of my favorites is that CBS billboard-back in Augor's style in the Valley that you see off the 101 heading south.

Anonymous said...

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fuck Easter Bunnies all day!!1

Anonymous said...

EveryBodyKnows we about that action!
fuck open mouth girls!
shit even sounds lame as fuck
get up on game suckass 32k's

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