Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cap Test - New York Fat Cap

We continue our cap test series with the New York Fat Cap. This cap is one of the original bombing graffiti caps. The New York Fat cap works well with most of the spray paint available today.

New York Fat Cap
The New York Fat Cap makes a wide line and works great for fill-ins. It also flares well.

As with the New York thin, the only drawback is comfort. Some other fat caps like the Orange dot come in a wide comfortable top. The New York Fat Cap has a narrow top which makes it a bit uncomfortable if used for long periods of time.

Thanks to James from Oink Art for the video using the New York Fat Cap.

The New York Fat Cap works on the following spray paint brands: Krylon, Montana Hardcore, Belton Molotow and Ironlak. It leaks on Rustoleum brand paint so you should avoid using it.


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