Sunday, November 30, 2008

Graffiti Markers Buff Test

Have you ever seen a tag that shows through a buffed wall? Everyone wants their tags to stay up forever.

Today we will look at the most popular markers on the market to see which one is able to make it through 2 coats of paint.
The Markers Buff Test
We will look at the poor man's marker the Sharpie, Krink K-71, Witches Brew, Griffin Shoe Polish, a mixture of Griffin and Oink and Garvey ink.

Thanks to James from Oink Art LTD for the video comparing the various markers. (Be sure to check out Oink's holiday specials on caps, spray pain, videos and clothing.)

After applying 2 coats of paint this is what happened: The Sharpie was completely gone. The Witches Brew was completely gone as well. The Witches Brew paint is fade proof in the sun, but is no match against a layer of paint. The Krink K-71 showed through the paint a little bit. The Garvey ink , the Griffin by itself and the mixture of Oink ink and Griffin survived the buff and showed through 2 layers of paint extremely well.


jesssup said...

illadel ink is way better then oink. get the illadel ink mops.

Anonymous said...

illadel ink is a joke. dont even try comparing it to oink ink.

Anonymous said...

pilot ink in a jumbo pilot supercolor (black) wont fade and will stain HARD

Anonymous said...

Garvey with an NYC Mop. You can't go wrong!

Anonymous said...

what about a mix of Garvey for staining and buff proof power then some Witches Brew for fade proofness ? I cant remember, but I saw somewhere not to mix anything with witches brew, but I dont know if you can or not. Does anyone have experience with this?

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