Sunday, November 2, 2008

Krink Pigment based and Dye based markers

You like the tasty drips that Krink markers give you? Did you know that the paint is different in some of the models of Krink markers?

We are going to look at the Krink K-60 and Krink K-63 markers. The K-60 is pigment based and the K-63 is dye based. I know, I was scratching my head too. The pigment based K-60 gives you a more vibrant more opaque color. Where as the dye based K-63 is darker and less vibrant but soaks in better. The K-60 also makes fewer but thicker drips and the k-63 gives you thinner and longer drips.
Krink K-60
Krink K-60

Krink K-63
Krink K-63

Thanks to James from Oink Art for the video using comparing the K-60 and K-63 Krink markers.

Both Krink K-60 and K-63 are great markers developed by San Francisco graffiti artist KR. Be sure to use them on smooth surfaces otherwise the tip will get damaged.


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