Monday, December 22, 2008

Bombin Magazine in Barnes & Noble and Borders

So I got the news from Bombin Magazine that the latest issue is available at Barnes & Noble and Borders. I had to check this out myself, I did not think that any main stream book store would carry a graffiti magazine with 2 children on the cover with one holding a shotgun. I took a trip to the local Borders in Los Angeles. To my pleasant surprise, I did find the issue on the rack. Go out and support!

If you live in the woods without Borders or Barnes & Nobles, you can get Bombing Science from Oink Art.

Bomin Magazine Issue 4

128 pages, 100% color. This issue has graffiti, art, fashion, bodypainting. Featured are Ces, Such, Scant, Michael De Feo. Also featuring some of hip hop's heaviest hitters Sha Money XL, Bangladesh, DJ Cannon and DJ Khaled.


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