Friday, January 30, 2009

Atlas Permanent Los Angeles Graffiti Freeway Spot

I finally was able to get a picture of this insane permanent spot. It is on the Pasadena Freeway going south. It is painted on the overpass on the inside wall. (See pics of the outside wall by 82er and Yerba) When the city buffs the outside wall the workers leave the inside wall alone thinking that it is not visible. However, when traffic is bad you can get a nice glimpse of this driving under it.
Atlas CBS Freeway Overpass
Atlas CBS Pasadena Freeway

Atlas CBS Freeway Overpass
Atlas CBS Pasadena Freeway (zoom)

Another Atlas Masterpiece
Lacma Graffiti Picture: Atlas CBS
Lost - Graffiti in the City of Angels


Swanky said...

there's that SKYPAGE right next to it too.

G said...

Swank - You are right. I could not get a picture of the Skypage because of the angle.

I plan to go back again to get it.

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