Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Idea - Steal someone else's Art and Sell It

I have a great idea. Street art is in. People are buying this stuff. Hm. I cannot take Shepard Fairey's art, it will be too obvious. I know what to do! I will go to Downtown Los Angeles and take some photographs of some cool wheatpastes. I will make a lame collage out of it and sell it to Crate and Barrel's hip CB2 store.

If you think this is a far fetched idea, you would be wrong! "Artist", Parvez Taj did exactly that. He created a print from the artwork of artists Brandy Flower, Shawn McKinney, and Shark Toof. The print is being sold at CB2. He even has the nerve of signing these prints. I contacted Parvez Taj for his comments, but of course, to date I have not gotten a reply.

Thanks to Gabe from The Status Faction for the heads up on this story. The artists' images are courtesy of Hit+Run.
LA Dreamin
LA Dreamin' Print by Parvez Taj on CB2's website

LA Dreamin
LA Dreamin' on Travertine by Parvez Taj (found in his list of products)

LA Dreamin
Shark Toof on Bamboo sold by Parvez Taj (found in his list of products)

LA Dreamin
Hank Williams by Shawn McKinney (this appears in Taj's print)

LA Dreamin
LA vsWAR by Brandy Flower (this appears in Taj's print)

LA Dreamin
Shark Toof wheatpastes (this appears in Taj's print)


eyeone said...

Sorta reminds me of some of the moves Obey pulls... Peep here:

GraffHead said...

Eye - good point. AP is going after Shepard Fairey because of his use of an Obama image owned by the company. AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image

Neil Slade said...

Stealing the art of Julia Lu at present, i.e. at

BrainMan said...

Update and correction to previous comment: We were not aware that our ex-agent had licensed Julia's work to two firms, one of which being Parvez at Marmont Hill, and thus he indeed had been given permission by our ex-agent for legal reproduction. We did write to Parvez about this issue, but did not receive a reply from him concerning this matter until today, January 13.

This being said, our error had come about because our agent had granted a license to Marmont a full 13 months before informing us of their action, in violation of our contract (which we've now terminated) to keep us fully informed of any licensing deals. We have severed our ties with this agent for this and other similar un-professional handling of our business.

BrainMan said...

We wish Parvez and any other reputable reproduction artist/business good luck in their endeavors to bring culture and art to the world.

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