Thursday, January 15, 2009

Junobo Paint Demo

James from Oink shows the Junobo paint in action using different mops.

Pay attention! You may learn something. My takeaway is that if you want to get more drips from your markers, you have to remove the regulator from the tip. It's the same idea as removing the filter from your showerhead to get more water.


Anonymous said...

nahhh not the same at all. that regulator you're taking out does no filtering nor does junobo need to be filtered haha. don't be takin no dirty showers and blaming it on junobo!!


GraffHead said...

Sorry if I did not make myself clear. The regulator allows less paint to come out. It does not actually filter the paint.

I was comparing it to a shower filter. The shower filter on most showerheads filters the water and it also allows less water to come out. So if you have low water pressure, removing the filter really helps.

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