Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back in the Day - Ares SK8 CBS

This piece was painted shortly after SK8's passing around 1993-1994. This was painted by Ares CBS who is also the guitar player of the band downset.

Ares SK8 CBS
Ares SK8 (RIP) CBS

Mear's conart piece was also on this wall.

Ares SK8 CBS
This is how the same wall looks today - SK8 CBS

Reminiscing SK8 RIP P1
Reminiscing SK8 RIP P2
SK8 Memorial Plaque at Wattles Garden Park


alexeykh said...

I have a picture from that same wall of a memorial piece for SK8 taken about 1993 (this is somewhere off of Melrose, right?).

GraffHead said...

Yes. This was off Melrose. It has been an ongoing memorial wall for SK8.

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