Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cap Test - Astro Fat Cap

Astro Fat Cap

We continue our cap test with the Astro Fat cap. This is see through cap with a black dot. The Astro Fat cap is considered to be a universal fat cap, meaning that just like the Universal German Outline cap, it will work on most cans.

This cap makes a really wide spray and works great for quick fill-ins.

Astro Fat Cap
Astro Fat cap

Thanks to James from Oink Art for the video using the Astro Fat cap.

Astro Fat Cap
James using the Astro Fat cap on a Belton Molotow can

Astro Fat Cap
A wide line made with the Astro Fat cap

The Astro Fat cap works on the following spray paint brands: Rustoleum, Montana Hardcore, Belton Molotow and Ironlak.


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