Friday, April 10, 2009

Back in the Day - Kofie

The Motor Yards ain't what it used to be. Many of Los Angeles' most talented graffiti artists used to paint there. I took this picture of Kofie's character in the early 1990s at the Motor Yards. Most likely in 1991 or 1992. Kofie recently held a solo show at 01 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. His work was also used in a Rockstar video game.
Motor Yards Today
Motor Yards Today

Kofie UTI TPS - Back in the Day
Kofie TPS

Kofie UTI TPS - Back in the Day
Kofie TPS - Character Close Up

Kofie One - Vintage Futurism Art Show
Kofie's work in Rockstar Game


Anonymous said...

exons sensitive

Anonymous said...

TIME TO STAY OUT of Motor Yard TAGGING Now is a Local /County / State and Federal Trespassing Issue and you could get Killed by a Train starting in 2015

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