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Graffiti Japan Author Remo Camerota Interview Part 2

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Part 2 of the interview with Remo Camerota, author of Graffiti Japan.

10. In Los Angeles, walls get buffed very often. To stay relevant, a graffiti writer has to regularly bomb. How often do the walls get buffed in Japan?
Not very often, maybe once a year from what I have seen. Although, if it is in a prominent high class shopping area, it will get buffed quite quickly there.
Remo Camerota Author of Graffiti Japan
From the pages of Graffiti Japan

11. In the book, Esow is quoted saying: “…but drawing in the street in other countries is more scary than doing here.” Is it really safe for a graffiti artist in Japan?
Yes, it is pretty safe. I have painted in Japan, New York and Los Angeles.

In LA I had to adhere to rules and we had to get out of downtown before dark.

In New York it was easier to paint. You could paint early into the night.

In Japan you can paint all day all night. There is no gang threat or real danger except for police.
Remo Camerota Author of Graffiti Japan
From the pages of Graffiti Japan

12. What are the consequences for getting caught by the law?
As I said, depends on how big the piece. Anything from a warning through to getting locked up for a day, week.

13. How did you decide which artists to interview and showcase their work?
To begin with, I contacted some initial guys through the internet. Suiko being the first.
(check out Suiko's work at the Disney Bloc 28 show)

Most of the well known guys are all over the net. From there they introduced me to artists that they knew. All of the guys know each other in Japan. So it was easy to meet a lot of good artists.

I got to live with Suiko and Emar and that was fun. While there I would see works painted and if I liked it I would find out who it was and include them into the book as a featured artist.

All of the guys in the book I love their work so I decided to feature in the final copy. These guys also happen to be the most prominent Japanese graffiti artists today.
Remo Camerota Author of Graffiti Japan
From the pages of Graffiti Japan

14. Do you still keep in touch with the artists featured in the book?
Yes most of them. I have working relationships with several of the artists from the book.

15. There are unwritten rules of graffiti that artists follow in the U.S. Are there "rules" or politics that are present in Japan?
Yes of course. Even some of those rules I broke myself and got in trouble for. It's all about respect here, and the artists are big on respect.

16. In the book you mention that you joined the Nanashi crew. Tell us more about that.

Well that just means that I was accepted by these guys and was able to travel and paint and live with them. Nanashi are 3 of the guys that I stayed with for over a month. In that time we bonded as artists do and we got up to a lot of art, drinking, and painting.
Remo Camerota Author of Graffiti Japan
Graffiti Japan - Cover

17. For those that do not know you are from Melbourne, Australia. How does the graffiti scene in Melbourne compare to Japan?
As you may know the scene in Melbourne is quite strong. We have a lot of great artists in Melbourne and a whole book by MBP dedicated to Melbourne.

But I find Melbourne artists are more stencil orientated. There is a lot of stencil art through out Melbourne. It's everywhere. The large graff pieces are hard to find or hard to find good ones anyway.

So the main difference is stencils versus character/color driven graff pieces. Japanese artists are also much more detail driven. The work in Japan has immense detail where Melbourne works are a bit more simple.
Remo Camerota Author of Graffiti Japan
From the pages of Graffiti Japan

18. What are your future plans?
Well, I plan to have some more shows in the states hopefully. Launching new works that are graffiti based titled Tokyo trash. There are examples on my website under artwork. ( These are exhibition pieces.

I also have 2 new contracts to do 2 more books on pop culture in Japan/Tokyo by MBP. These books are both on 2 certain type of art/painting based in Tokyo.

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