Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Montana 2G Spray Paint Colors + Caps Review

Montana Nitro 2G Cap and Color Test
The Montana Nitro 2G (second generation) was developed by Spanish Montana in early 2008. It is an acrylic matte paint that covers extemely well. It also instantly covers chromes and silvers with all available colors not just black. The cans come in a 500ml size which is 25% larger than average 400ml cans. Montana Nitro 2G comes in Black (400+500ml), White, Silver, Intense Red, Orange, Vampire Violet, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Navy Blue.

Montana Nitro 2G Cap and Color Test

Thanks to James from Oink and his super detailed video. We will be looking at all available MTN 2G spray paint colors and a complete cap test. Also be sure to check out the video to watch James partake in a silver outline and highlight test.

Montana Nitro 2G Cap and Color Test

Here are the results of the Montan Nitro 2G cap test:
1Banana Skinny Does not work. Locks up
2Black Dot Very thin pencil-like lines
3Gold Dot Thin line
4Orange Dot Medium size line
5Pink Dot Wide line. Can create nice flares.
6Gray DotThin line
7TransversalSkinny calligraphy style line - thin to fatter
8MTN Skinny Pro Stock Thin controllable line
9Universal German Outline Thin controllable line
10Sabotaz Ultra Fat Really fat wide line. Can create nice flares.
11NY Thin Does not work. Locks up
12Rusto FatDoes not work. Locks up


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