Thursday, April 23, 2009

Montana Mega (600ml) Caps Test

Montana Mega Cap Test
The Montana Mega was developed by Spanish Montana in in Barcelona. The paint is the same as the in the Hardcore cans but it comes in a 600ml tall can. The paint is long lasting and is weather resistant. The can has a high pressure valve for quick spray. Montana Mega Cap Test

Thanks to James from Oink for the video. We will be looking at a complete cap test using a Montana Mega (magenta) spray can. Montana Mega Cap Test

Here are the results of the Montana Mega 600ml cap test:
1Banana Skinny Thin controllable line
2Black Dot Thin controllable line
3Gold Dot Thin controllable line
4Orange Dot Medium size line
5Pink Dot Wide line. Can create nice flares.
6Gray DotThin controllable line
7TransversalSkinny calligraphy style line - thin to fatter
8MTN Skinny Pro Stock Medium size line. Can create nice flares.
9Astro Fat Very fat line
10Sabotaz Ultra Fat Really fat wide line.
11NY Thin Thin controllable line
12Rusto FatMedium size line
13Super Fat Wide line.


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