Thursday, April 9, 2009

Montana MTN 94 Caps Review

MTN 94 Spray Paint Cap Test
Spanish Montana recently released the MTN 94 spray paint. These cans are the most advanced low pressure spray cans. Due to their sensitive valve system the cans can be used for very detailed work. The paint formula is also different. The paint comes out matte and it covers extremely well.

MTN 94 Spray Paint Cap Test
Since this spray paint is in a league of its own, we will test it with many of today's popular caps.

Thanks to James from Oink for the video. He painstakingly tests the MTN 94 with 16 different caps.

MTN 94 Spray Paint Cap Test

Here are the results of the MTN 94 cap test:
1MTN Skinny Pro Stock Thin controllable line
2Universal German Outline Thin controllable line
3Super Fat Fat lines with one coat coverage
4Gold Dot Thin line. If the cap is pressed softly the line is thinner. If pressed harder, the line is thicker.
5Gray DotThin controllable line
6Orange Dot Thin controllable line
7TransversalSkinny calligraphy style line
8German Outline #1 Thin controllable line. Creates nice flares
9Pink Dot Wide lines
10Rusto FatDoes not work. Locks up
11NY Thin Does not work. Locks up
12Ny Fat Fat lines. Covers well.
13Banana Skinny Does not work. Locks up
14Sabotaz Ultra Fat Really fat wide line
15Black Dot Very thin controllable lines
16Astro Fat The fatest lines


Anonymous said...


The$tatusFaction said...

That new MTN matte paint is the best on the market as far as i've personally used!

StetEStilz said...

MTN 94 is by far my favorite paint. I was amazed at how fast you can fill with this matte paint, and an astro fat.

This stuff is the bomb, prefer it over the Montana Gold any day.

Anonymous said...

graphx loko

Anonymous said...

that 94 paint is mad ill.. comes out glossy as fuck for matte paint and thick and the pressure is fucking dope.. better than golds for bombing.. golds too low pressure.. cant stay at the same spot all day!!!

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