Monday, April 6, 2009

West Los Angeles Graffiti

West LA Graffiti
West Los Angeles Graffiti - Sedek, Prymek, Beks, Gear, JDI

West LA Graffiti
West Los Angeles Graffiti - Zoom

West LA Graffiti
Sedek LOLC

West LA Graffiti

West LA Graffiti
Beks (Check out a recent freeway spot by Beks with Beast)

West LA Graffiti
Gear (Check out another wall by Beks and Gear from last year)

West LA Graffiti
JDI - Satch Rkoil Otis - (Sorry Character is cut off)

Downtown LA Freeway Rooftops
Construction Site on Pico
Beks and Gear
Los Angeles Freeway Graffiti - Beast and Beks


Anonymous said...

not the same beks from the freeway

GraffHead said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace SEDEKONE

toomer tko said...

jdis wack

Anonymous said...

RIP KING SEDEK. last ones left

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