Monday, May 11, 2009

Indie184 - CVLA Interview

Indie184 - CVLA Interview
So how exactly did you get into graffiti?

I've always had a love affair with graffiti. Growing up in ill hoods in NYC, graffiti has been part of the norm. But the most memorable piece was when I was living in the South Bronx early 90's and across the street was the 'Top Video' gate that TRACY168 did - the same one in Spray Can Art book. So as the years went by I would put the pieces to the puzzle. I started meeting writers and learned my graffiti history. I didn't start actually writing until 2001, when some friends where doing a mural in the Bronx and asked me to help to do the easy stuff - filling in some characters. By then I had developed my INDIE tag name and just started getting into more and more. But the most significant turning point was meeting COPE2, he put me down my first production wall and the rest is history...

Read the complete interview on Civil Clothing.


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