Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spray Can Lamps

Previously Un-Recyclable spray cans are now being transformed into useful and unique works of light by renowned Los Angeles graffiti artist Dash 2000 Fidel.
Spray Can Lamp
DK1 Series Spray Can Lamp

The Lamps are created from cans used to create graffiti art in Los Angeles. Each Lamp is "trackable" to the specific art work that it was used to create, making the experience more life like, putting the artist and the journey together in an intriguing fashion.

Spray Can Lamp
DS1 Series Spray Can Lamp

Spray Can Lamp
DS2 Series Spray Can Lamp

Design is directly appled to the can, using an artisan technique, there are no stickers or paper prints applied. Please visit Dash's website for more information.


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R.I.P. dash2000

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