Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coax AWR - Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are opens in theaters on October 16. I saw a great interview with Coax AWR who worked on the movie on KnownGallery last week. I knew I had some of his work in my archives, but unfortunately, I could not locate any. All I could find is this piece by Self and Myte AWR from around 1992. The picture was taken at the Motor Yards. Check out the Coax AWR tags in blue.
Coax AWR
Coax AWR

Coax AWR
Coax AWR


Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaam. Check out that Big5 CBS way on top. Thats OG!

Anonymous said...

Motor Yards aint what it used to be

The$tatusFaction said...


GraffHead said...

T$F - Thanks! Everyday I wish I took more flicks back in the day.

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