Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Los Angeles Graffiti Artist - Dahm CSM Interview - Part 1

1. How long have you been writing?
I've been tagging since I was 12 years old, with a variety of different common names that never went anywhere but my local toy buff spots. I think around late 05 is when I actually got into letters and exploring different parts of the city. So you can say started tagging in 1999, but started doing graffiti in 2005. In 2005, is when Pale from STP took me under his wing, and really showed me the real side of graffiti.

I will never forget when he took me into the Burbank Wash and showed me what a graff yard looked like, and listening to the stories he remembers having down there when he first started also.
Dahm CSM

2. How did you get the name Dahm? Did you write anything else before?
The Dahm Triplets, former Playmates. Once I heard the name, I couldn't help but think how perfect of a name it was, no one else had it, and it didn't sound like a everyday word you would hear, and then I would also say later, that I got it from serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, or switch it up to Dahminatrixxx, which I don't mind either.
Trak UNR + Dahm + M80 CDP on top
Trak UNR + Dahm + M80 CDP on top

Let's see, I first started with Lump back in the day, and then, Fave, Klub, Gide, and Arson, and a countless amount of Faze and Daze names.

3. Who were your influences?
Vade, Esel, CDP, and U5F.

Vade, because his graff stood out the most to me when I use to walk the LA River, and not only that, he had every cut in LA first, and most of them are still rocking.

Esel, because his style is my favorite, readable and his own, if he did a CBS or WAI or a FP, you would be able to tell it was his style. There was an abandoned box truck along the 110 South transition to the 5 South where he did his name, and along the top, he wrote "Chicken Bone Syndrome", and ever since seeing that bomb, I wanted to get into actual bombing solid, readable letters like that.
Cavi + Dahm

Cavi + Dahm

CDP, because there wasn't anyone in that crew who wasn't getting up. Kween, Bas, and the rest of them had countless rollers and roller filled bombs all over the LA River, Ralos had Downtown covered wherever you went, especially cuts, and the whole crew just gave each other competition, and it worked out perfectly.

U5F, because they pretty much popped Downtown's cherry when it comes to spots, and staying up. You can't go on one of Skid Row's streets without seeing one of their bombs still running.

4. Do you like to paint at permission spots?
Not really, I won't say no to the right one, but it's just not the kind of graffiti I like to look at.
Dahm + Cavi
Dahm + Cavi

It's 2 completely different worlds when it comes to legals, and illegals. When you paint illegally, it's a lot more of a risk, when it comes to a fresh bomb in a empty lot, or on a cutty, or on the side of a freeway, you see it, and you just know that that writer has a crazy story for what he went through for that spot.

When you look at a legal, you just think of someone painting that during the day with cars passing by without a care in the world.

5. Do you paint at yards or strictly street action?
I had my phase of painting a lot of yards, but over time, I got tired with toys going over my graff, so that's when I started being picky about the spots I paint.

And that's when I got into cuts, and virgin spots that you can't just drive by and see it. I hear criticizing about some of the spots I paint, but I'm sure they'll stop when they see it's still there 5 years from now, maybe even longer.
Dahm CSM
Dahm CSM

6. Do you have a favorite brand of paint?
I'll paint with almost anything, if its wack paint, then I'll just use it for background fading or something, I'll find a utilization for it.

I really like the colors that Ironlak is coming out with, and that shit smells fucken good too, but it's also a pretty penny.

My favorite brand of paint would have to be American Accents, just because it's the brand I use the most, but I don't mind any other brands to paint with.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the interview with Dahm.

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Anonymous said...

dude has ups but is the most boring writer ever. seriously change it up. get some new styles.

Anonymous said...

I think DAHMR PTS ORPHANS is better..dude has many styles..

Anonymous said...

exact same style everytime... kinda plain. not a big fan.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was from STP

Anonymous said...

jealous toys crying again. You got nothing on his style. dude has serious skills

Anonymous said...

"jealous toys crying again. You got nothing on his style. dude has serious skills"-Written by Dahm himself?
Look hommie gets his spots yes, but any compliments on his style that are beyond him being clean are unrealistic.. His style is elementary at best... Fact is.. Graff is dead, and any self respecting writer knows it. If you werent already painting streets by 01 youre irrelevant because after that all the new writers just tried to paint like the old ones, We used to all create our own style we wanted to be the best (whatever name we were) that we could.. Nowadays these kids wanna be the next (insert name). Internet made bullshit celebs out of average graffiti writers, case in point Dahm.. been painting since 05 and 4 years later the most his style has evolved is an extra bar or half a kick to the edges of his straight letters. You can argue or call me a hater.. but you cant argue down the logic.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of toys talking shIt behind a computer.DAHM IS THE SHIT!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

VOX has been doing the same old boring styles for years, yet no one calls him on it. at least Dahm has ups.

Anonymous said...

Thiss foo DAHM is sickkerr then cancer!
i stayy out in spermbankk..
where alot of shitt doesnt last without gettin buffed or topped' by some toys..
i remember the first washhh i painted at was the one under the ventura freeway.
thiss foo's roller had never been topped or touched by anyone else.
until not to long ago the city buffed EVERYTHING!that was rockin'
but everyday i still see his tags, bombs, and rollers he has UP in this Lame ass Corrupt city..
iff you askk me, i think thiss foo enlightens the city's flaus.
and on top of all this i digg hiss Steeelo!
its "straight & freshh"
oh and this be 15 yr. ol' SARE!ONE! for all you haterss!

Anonymous said...

Graff is dead and any self respecting writer knows it??
Graffiti is not dead
maybe the whole underground aspect of it is
personally i do think the transition of graffiti to the mainstream is terrible but graffiti is not a hipster thing.
graffiti is one's need to express them self
I have a lot of respect towards dahm because of the spots he paints
style? we all have styles
because we all are different people with our own sense of what graffiti should look like
anyone saying dahm is toy obviously only knows him from this website and has not observed his street work for very long.. this guy has had many styles over time from the old English fonts he dropped with script to the old little throwies he used to do when he was in lausd crew
i think in order for graffiti to ivolve we have to stop finding whats wrong in writers like this and instead appreciate that some ones actually putting in some god damm work for a change.

Anonymous said...

Church! He said it best.

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