Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oink Video - Sabotaz Cap Test

Sabotaz Cap Test
In the latest Oink video, James tests the new Sabotaz spray paint with many of the most popular caps. He tests Sabotaz with German Outline #1, Sabotaz Ultra Fat, Black Dot, 24 Karat, Gray Dot, Orange Dot, German Outline #4, NY Fat, Skinny Pro, Universal German Outline, Silver Fat, Ironlak NY Fat, Silver Fat Blaster Cap.

Sabotaz is a medium pressure can. If you put on a fat cap like a Silver fat, a Sabotaz Ultra fat or a 24K cap it will spray high pressure. If you put on a thin cap like a Universal German Outline, a black dot or a gray dot, it will spray with low pressure. This allows you to get fast fill-ins with a fat cap and thin controlled lines with a thin cap.


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