Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video: Gang Injunction - MTA Crew

The Los Angeles authorities are at it again. Instead of focusing on real crime they have issued a gang injunction against LA's MTA tagging crew. Fox 11 reports in their usual grossly exaggerated style.

MTA - Pasadena Freeway
Recent MTA on the freeway

The Los Angeles Times also wrote an article about this:

City prosecutors filed for a civil court injunction Wednesday to stop the activities of the Metro Transit Assassins tagging crew known for a massive, quarter-mile-long graffiti "bomb" of its acronym along the Los Angeles River.

The injunction, which names 10 members of the crew, would be the first of its kind in that it specifically targets a group of graffiti vandals, according to the Los Angeles city attorney's office.

Unlike many "turf-based" anti-gang injunctions that create "safety zones" by limiting the activities of street gangs from operating in a particular area or associating with one another, the injunction against the Metro Transit Assassins, or MTA, would impose a broad list of prohibitions against the crew.
The court order being sought by city prosecutors would bar members from associating with each other, institute a mandatory 10 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew and prevent members from possessing "graffiti tools or weapons."

The civil suit is scheduled to be heard Aug. 31. It seeks $250,000 in civil penalties and $3.7 million in damages for what the city attorney's office described as 500 documented incidents of graffiti vandalism associated with MTA.

Part of the damage was the massive MTA moniker that stretched the equivalent of several city blocks on the west bank of the Los Angeles River. At one point, the river was one of the largest open-air tagging canvases in the region, with thousands of graffiti tags covering its concrete banks.

The MTA "bomb" was removed last October as part of a $1.3 million graffiti abatement program by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As one of the largest tags in the United States, its three block letters covered a three-story-high wall and ran between the 4th Street and 1st Street bridges. It could be seen from the air.

In seeking the injunction, city prosecutors filed a criminal complaint that includes 52 witnesses and 101 photographs and documents damage to highway signs, highway sound walls, billboards, bridges, buses, passenger trains, freight train cars, trucks, homes and numerous commercial buildings.

The city attorney's office cited figures from the office of community beautification estimating that the city spends more than $7 million a year on graffiti abatement and other cleanup costs related to graffiti vandalism.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely unbelievable!!! The resulting fall-out from this is going to have a devastating impact on graff culture as a whole...
I'm totally blown away.....and sad.....

Anonymous said...

This was completely blown out of proportion, graffiti has always been and will always be a scapegoat. Look and listen to the reporter they exagerate as if they are talking about rapist or murderers or drug dealers just to get ratings. This what sucks about the USA everybodys paranoid when it comes to graffiti even when you get a permission wall the neighborhood people get nervouse just because it was done whith a spraycan. Graffiti doesnt cause physical damage to the surface. They are using them as an example to send out a message.
The people who always complain about graffiti to the max are uptight winey people with no life who judge people out of ignorance.
this just blows... But why did they go against them hard?

Graff people need to unite!!! on a global level

Anonymous said...

GAY.... so gay

Anonymous said...

What blows me away is the injunction sought in the court order - "bar members from associating with one another, a curfew - 10 pm - 5 am, and prohibiting members from possessing "graffiti tools or weapons" (wtf - a can of paint is a weapon?!?!?) A painter now has a curfew like a teenager???!!!

They say this injunction is even more broad in scope than the ones issued against gangs!!!

PLUS THE WORST PART OF ALL - allow the city to confiscate cars, homes, and paychecks!!!

This is beyond belief!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck that shit that is some bullshit!!!they really want 2 see graffiti that's just the beginning of the graffiti culture! their going 2 make use so call criminals look like we killed some1 when we're just making that spot look better.

We graffiti! writers should really show them whats vandalism by taking it 2 the next level n destroying their court rooms then they could call use criminals. Fuckn ignorant bastards!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

police state! man that state must be broke, busting on the creative for the states lack there of

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

off topic, no one has heard of your toy ass crew.. try painting instead of getting up on blog comments lol..

Climb Trees said...

...And why SHOULDN'T the river-bed be painted?

What good is miles and miles of boring, old concrete, anyway? There's no harm in painting those walls!

Why not let kids go buck-wild, and paint there all they want? Give them an outlet, why don't you! Attempting to stomp-out such a huge movement is both counter-productive and asinine. What an utterly foolish approach! Time to switch gears!

A good teacher or leader would seek to EMBRACE enthusiasm—and not seek to eliminate it... for he knows that doing the latter, is a sure way to catch some back-flak. One cannot eliminate energy, but merely guide and/or transform it. To confront an overwhelming force of nature head-on is ridiculously stupid. Why not attempt a SMARTER approach? It's 2010! Let's be progressive!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ comments re: toy ass crew...
add something valuable to the blog or work on your style - if you even have one....

Anonymous said...

Next they will just start taking shit before you even go bombing... as a safety precaution. fucking Pre-Crime... Assholes

Anonymous said...

this shit make me wanna punch babies

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