Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friday November 5 - 4Ever After - Graffiti Art Show at LandMark in South LA

4Ever After - Graffiti Artshow at Landmark
Friday, November 5, 2010 - 5:30PM - 10PM

LandMark Inc. Presents 4Ever After

6709 S. San Pedro Street
Los Angeles CA 90003 (Directions)

Artwork by Los Angeles legends:
Soon One, Gin One, Siner

Also by:
Acme, Aybon, Besto, Crae, Denz (Chicago), East (Denmark), Evol, Fukm, Just195, King 157 (San Jose), Kufue (San Jose) Lokus, Mark7, Maer, Mr79, Nest (NYC) Panic, Pryer, Rebornz, Roten, Scud, Sex, Shiver, SIms, Sueworks (NYC), Sinek (Arizona), Serp (NY), Tank, Trixter, Poet, Pink135, Tuna, Yt
4Ever After - Graffiti Artshow at Landmark


Anonymous said...

is this show all ages

Anonymous said...

i think writing los angeles legends on the flyer is kinda stretching it....these guys havent been active for years and who is soon one?

Anonymous said...

To the comment above... "Who is Soon?" Fool please!! Get your history down sahn... ! You have to respect your history of this game.. The founders of Los Angeles Graffiti...Its not about youngster and this internet fame. FACT- who ever you are I'm am sure the Legends on that flyer put more work than you.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Who is Soon One, who is Gin, who is Siner!!!!!?????? Some people are just in the dark and don't know the history of this movement...this truly saddens me :(

Anonymous said...

theres going to be a shit load of undercover cops i bett so i will not be giving my name out.

Anonymous said...


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