Monday, October 4, 2010

Dytch 66 CBS - Los Angeles Graffiti Video

We filmed graffiti artist Dytch CBS in Los Angeles' Artists District. His piece was part of one of the largest collaborations in Los Angeles with a common underwater theme. The wall takes up almost one city block. Update: 17 new in progress pictures from this video

Dytch 66 CBS - Graffiti Video
Dytch 66 CBS - Graffiti Video


Anonymous said...

wanabe 3d shit

Anonymous said...

wanabe 3d shit? fuck you that shit was dope.

Anonymous said...

OENEK. sick ass fooo true graff at its best..

Anonymous said...

this is sick name of song though???

talentzero said...

A little totem-esk, but good can control. gotta give credit.

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