Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr. Jaber Video - Paints a piece + Addresses Internet Beef

Mr Jaber Video
Jaber paints a piece using Sabotaz paint. He also addresses a kid that has been feuding with him over the internet. Internet beef at its finest.


Anonymous said...

JABER!!! don't even trip about them haters u do wat u do best! n let the haters fall into a hole n be forgotten..much respect 2 dose that are up n get up more than i do,but thats ok ill keep doing mine until its my time to shine..but until then Jaber i am their with u n fuck all haters...

Anonymous said...

how can you talk shit on this guy? he is a legend.fuck all those haters!!!
keep it up man

REKS KTL said...

how does he make those lines all skinny? shit is clean

Anonymous said...

sex is a fat fuck who has nothing on anyone...fool paints the same ugly ass letters everytime. get a life sex

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