Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is Where our Japan Donation Money is Going

Japan Donation
From March 15 until March 31, we are donating all proceeds from our banners ads to help the cause in Japan. We usually use the funds from the ads to cover our website hosting costs.

We wanted to make sure the money we donate directly helps the people that were affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

No Future Krew in Tokyo set up a fund that does exactly that. They recently filled up two vans full of food and supplies and drove to deliver the items in person. They have no government ties.

If you want to donate yourself, check out The site is all in Japanese, however, the only information you need to know is the paypal donation address

There is also a flickr account where they are documenting their efforts.

Thanks everyone for clicking on our ads. Now you know where the money will be going.
Japan Donation


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