Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Book Sessions 2011 in Santa Ana - May 21

Black Book Session 2
Saturday, May 21, 2011 - 4PM - 2AM

Copic Presents the 2nd Annual Black Book Session

Malones Bar & Grill
604 East Dyer Road
Santa Ana CA 92705 (directions)

Live Graffiti
WAI Crew - Plek, Thanks, Tewsr
TWS Crew Durok, Skew
Dcypher DTR, Putos

Live Sketch Book Art Demo
Basher SH LOD, Damet MZK, Espy DPT, Eyesr AUB LSD, Fear UTI DC, Nerv SH, Notes MZK, Panic SH, Precise SH

Live Body Art by Bubbles Magazine
Bloch, Evl, Fuego, Sogr, Sesoer, Snapr

Art Gallery
Acme, Atomik, Bair, Basher, Damet, Dcypher, Earn, Era, Ezo, Festo, Jah Sun, Lady Deb, Panic, Putos, Tewsr

Way of Life Clothing, GCS Santa Ana, 4Gs Magazine
Black Book Session 2


Anonymous said...

10 bucks really!?

Anonymous said...

is it all ages????

Anonymous said...

Looks like its all ages.

Anonymous said...

A different name for this event would have been better, instead of biting the original BlackBook Sessions name by Hybrid Apparel. The same exact day too, sounds fishy...

Anonymous said...

went 2 that event lastnight the those guys that hosted the event dalet ezo1 and dipps were was packed models music drinks the blackbook show was great with all those vibrant markers the artist were using that copic supplied,all in all a great event worth my ten bucks and my 8 friends i went with.

Anonymous said...

yo man i think u mean damet1 from mzk crew.hell yeah the show was great.

Anonymous said...

just saying whats up pickedup my new copics cant wait 2 start using them.

Anonymous said...

anyword on event pics the show cool and i met alote of great artist.i really wanna see the blackbook marker work completions.

Anonymous said...

heard the same guys r throwing another show in gcs.its gonna be dope....

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