Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rampage in LA - Dcypher Vs. Putos - Graffiti Video

Filmed in the city of Los Angeles, Dcypher from New Zealand and Putos from Australia recreate the classic Rampage video game. Watch as the two graffiti artists masterfully paint and portray the mayhem caused by these monsters as they tear apart the city. Update: 29 pictures from the video shoot
Rampage in LA - Dcypher Vs Putos - Graffiti Video
Rampage in LA - Dcypher Vs Putos - Graffiti Video


Anonymous said...

why were they stepping on the cans

Anonymous said...

im not sure just a guess but i heard it makes more pressure in the cans

justin said...

Also it helps you get the last amount of paint out. This video is ill!

Anonymous said...

is this supposed to be the rampage game from the eighties? and how many times is there going to be buildings and clouds?do something new.

Anonymous said...

buildings and clouds idiot shut the f up yes stepping on the cans does let u get the last amount of paint.

DeFiNiTi0N said...

lol @ anonymous flamer fags

Top vid, awesome piece yo!

Toys that be flaming are anonymous, wonder if they the same little toy bitches goin around bombing hard work with illiterate scribble? Ain't seen many "Anonymous" pieces in my 'burb... anyone else?

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