Friday, October 14, 2011

This Saturday - Video - CBS & LORDS Present - The Broken Windows Theory Graffiti Show

Saturday, October 15 7PM - 11PM

CBS & LORDS present The Broken Windows Theory

Subspace Art Gallery
3855 Hughes Avenue
Culver City, CA 90232 (directions)
CBS and LORDS graffiti show - Broken Windows Theory

Featuring original artwork by:
Hex, Mers, Nicknak, Haste, Werms, Payne, Rebuke, Timber, Esel, Sibl, Poor Al, Gena, Aura, Messenger, Czer, Tyer, Dcypher, Adee, Drast, Big5, Satyr, Defie, Awful, Supher, Chip, Phever, Kym, Xhaust, Shyne, Owie, Sloke, News, Uneak, Dytch, Marcos Lafarga, Raptuz, Gato, Dment, Roar, Gunk, 7seas, Sram, Richard "Xpres" Taylor, L.A. Jae, Skypager, Natoe, Ricky Watts


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