Friday, June 15, 2012

This Saturday - West Coast Artists - Group Graffiti Show in LA

West Coast Artists - Group Graffiti Show in LA
Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 6PM

Mirror Gallery
963 Chung King Road
Los Angeles CA 90012 (directions)

This Saturday in Los Angeles' Chinatown, the West Coast Artists crew will be hosting a group art show. WCA or WC which was started in 1985 has been a very influential graffiti crew in Los Angeles. This is their first group art show featuring many of their original members. For more information, visit Pyro's Facebook page.

Featuring art by:
Ace, Alias, Ash, Bates, Bazar, Brail, CartoonN, Cazar, Clae, Cool Boy, Cooz, Cre8, D-Rock, Dash, Den, Design9, Dye5, Edit, Evolve, Gaso, Gigs, Hasler, Kofie, Make, Miner, Mear, Munk, OG Abel, PJay, Peno, Pony Boy, Power, Pryer, Pyro, Rak, Rakus, Remi Rough, Resek, Retna, Rival, Risk, Sed, Sel, Ser, Severe, Shadow, Siner, Skill, Skit, Stormie, Stylie3, Swan, Trixter, Tyer, Vex, Vision, Wisk, and Zane
West Coast Artists - Group Graffiti Show in LA

Video of several WCA crew members painting a wall for the West Coast Artists show. Artists in the video are Pyro, Bazar, Trixter and Sel.


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